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Making sure that your children get the best possible education is one of the most fundamental concerns for any parent. Here at ECOL we provide pre-recorded lessons videos covering the whole English Curriculum for key subjects.

We believe that self online studying will make students independent whilst also helping parents to follow the education of their children. This is why we work hard to offer students the quality courses they need to excel, from primary school right through to their GCSEs.

Our tutors also offer private online tuition at very competitive prices, and we take great pride in seeing the difference it makes to our students!

If you’d like to learn more about our courses, and how they can benefit your child, why not get in touch? We welcome enquiries, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Course Information

At ECOL we offer pre-recorded lessons and private tuition online following British curriculum for primary and secondary school students between the ages of 5 and 16. Covering English, Maths, Science History and Geography,French, ESOL and Islamic Studies ( our methodology is based on authentic and original islamic teachings  following the Quran, the sunnah and the understanding of the pious predecessors).

We are able to provide every student with the expert help and tuition that can make all the difference to their academic achievement.

Our courses can prepare your child for their national and international exams and fit with all major exam boards such as:

1 to 1 Tuition Packages

Primary Level - Basic Package
Key Stage 3 - Basic Package
Key Stage 4 - Basic Package
Key Stage 4 - Standard Package
Key Stage 3 - Standard Package
Primary Level - Standard Package

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Self studying video lessons

At ECOL we teach a variety of school subjects including;

Self-Studying  video lessons links

Eng year 1-2/ Math year 1-2/ Sc year 1-2/ History-Geo year 1-2/ Fr year 1-2/ ESOL year 1-2/ Islamic Studies year 1-2

Eng year 3-4 /Math year 3-4/ Sc year 3-4/ History-Geo year 3-4/ Fr year 3-4/ ESOL year 3-4/ Islamic Studies year 3-4

Eng year 5-6/ Math year 5-6/ Sc year 5-6/ History-Geo year 5-6/ Fr year 5-6/ ESOL year 5-6/ Islamic Studies year 5-6

Eng year 1-2/ Math year 7-8/ Sc year 7-8/ History-Geo year 7-8/ Fr year 7-8/ ESOL year 7-8/ Islamic Studies year 7-8

Eng year 9-11/ Math year 9-11/ Sc year 9-11/ History-Geo year 9-11/ Fr year 9-11/ ESOL year 9-11/ Islamic Studies year 9-11

Self- Studying video lesson prices

At ECOL we teach a variety of school subjects including;

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Primary school forms the foundation of your child’s education and many children benefit from a little help to really get the most out of their schooling. With a little private tuition, primary school can set your child up for success throughout the rest of their schooling, and that’s what the ECOL team aims to provide. We will help your child to succeed during the national curriculum tests at the end of key stage 1 and key stage 2, otherwise known as SATs exams.


Following the transition from primary school to secondary school, your child will be exploring topics in greater depth, discovering new subjects, and coping with a significantly higher workload. Private tuition during Key Stage 3 (years 7 – 9) can make all the difference, helping students to get to grips with the curriculum and setting them up for success as they move towards their GCSE choices.

Our curriculum will help your child to develop the skills and knowledge required for their GCSE examinations in the core subjects that we teach.


Help your child get the GCSE results that they deserve.

We provide our students with techniques and knowledge that will help them to pass your GCSE examinations. We will smartly analyse past exam papers and success criteria so that they can get the mark they deserve.

What Do People Say About ECOL?

The best way to prove the effectiveness of our courses is through the voices of happy students and parents. Read on to hear what some of them had to say, or contact us to add your own feedback.

“Teachers at ECOL have always believed in me even when I wasn’t doing well”

Lazeeb, Year 7


“Thank you for guiding us throughout the year to ensure that we get the best grades!”

Nur Marha, Year 11

Qatar, Dukhan

“With your methodology, pupils have been able to understand the success criteria for their exam.”

Sarah, MFL teacher


“You have done a fantastic work with the International students!”

Jill, Head of EAL,



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